Masking Tape 2mm x 20m - Curved Lines (blue)

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The Masking Tape No.HC50022 is a 2mm width by 20 m length blue "Extra Thin" tape. A PVC uniformly coated with rubber adhesive and 0.051 mm thickness. This level of thickness will produce the finest lines and curves when painting. There is no other tape with these unique characteristics available in the market for modellers today.
This Modelling Tape has the ultimate physical properties and seamless masking performance characteristics for curved lines when painting:
  • Tape will not give adhesive residue and not change color.
  • Tape does not break when peeling off, but can be easily cut by modelling knife.
  • Tape back side will not repel the paints.
  • Tape is designed to give an excellent and sharp paint break line.

Typical Physical Properties:

Adhesive: Rubber
Backing: PVC
Colour: Blue
Width: 2 mm
Thickness: 0,051 mm
Extensibility (%): more than 150
Tape Length (m): 20
Weight (NET): 9gr (0.31 oz)

Performance Characteristics:

Elongation: more than 150%
Temperature Performance: 160°C max (30 min)

Product Instructions:

Create curved lines by stretching it - avoid extensiveness.
Don't leave tape for excessive time after painting,
Cut it using sharp tools - Model knife, Shear,
Mask areas where paint is completely cured,
Mask painted or unpainted surfaces.

Storage and Safety Instructions:

Keep and store in clean, dry and well-ventilated area,
Preferably at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C and 50% R.H.
Away from sunlight and keep out of the reach of children.

Recommendation: You can check our dispenser products to fit this tape securely, easy and practical to use. This will help you to keep tape clean and for longer time.

Check Single Tape Dispensers HC50101 and HC50103.

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