Wild Weasel Vipers - Part I

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Sized for the Tamiya F-16 kit. Printed by Cartograf.
Markings for the following 12 Block 50 & Block 52 Vipers:

1) 91-0353, 77th Fighter Squadron, May 5, 1999, Operation Allied Force. The markings are for the day after it got its MiG kill.
2) 91-0353, 77th Fighter Squadron, May, 2012.
3) 91-0356, 77th Fighter Squadron, April 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom. Heavy mission markings on both sides of jet.
4) 91-0359, 77th Fighter Squadron, April 2011, Operation Unified Protector. Heavy mission markings from Libya missions.
5)91-0389, 55th Fighter Squadron, April 2011, Operation Unified Protector. Mission markings from Libya missions.
6) 92-3922, 157th Fighter Squadron, SCANG, November 2013. Operation Enduring Freedom mission markings.
7) 92-3899, 157th Fighter Squadron, SCANG, October 2013. 157th Fighter Squadron flagship.
8) 90-0825, 14th Fighter Squadron, February 2013. 14th Fighter Squadron flagship, Operation Enduring Freedom mission markings.
9) 91-0386, 389th Fighter Squadron, March 2005. 389th Fighter Squadron flagship.
10) 91-0383, 416th Flight Test squadron, January 2014. 416th FLTS flagship.
11) 91-0382, 522nd Fighter Squadron, January 2007. 522FS flagship.
12) 91-0346, 522nd Fighter Squadron, August 2004. 27th Fighter Wing flagship.

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