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Milliput 113.4g Terracotta putty, Two Part Epoxy Putty. For the restoration of terracotta and other ceramics. For the repair of garden urns pots statuettes and damaged brickwork etc. For sculpting and modelling. Milliput is a versatile putty which adheres to and will seal or bond ceramics wood plastics glass metals cement etc.
Can be sculpted and when set can be turned sawn drilled tapped filed sandpapered painted or cellulose sprayed. Very responsive to water and when sculpting and modelling the use of water with scalpels wire tools probes engraving tools etc. and with soft brushes cloth etc. Is strongly recommended. Sets under water heat resisting up to 130 degree c.
How to use Milliput: Blend equal amounts of each stick by rolling and kneading until the colour is uniform and free from streaks. Can then be manipulated like modelling clay. Milliput goes rock hard in two to three hours at normal room temperature. See enclosed leaflet for complete instructions.
Made in England.

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