Soviet fighter Lavochkin La-5FN

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High quality decal - 14 variants of assembly, for La-5FN.

Decal variants:

1. La-5FN of Capt P Y Likholetov, 159 fighter regiment, 275 fighter division, Leningrad area, summer 1944.
2. La-5FN of an unidentified unit in action in the North-Western sector, winter 1944.
3. La-5FN of Capt G N Urvachev, 34 fighter regiment, 317 Air Defence fighter division, Moscow area, winter 1945.
4. La-5FN of 790 fighter regiment, 129 fighter division, Lithuania, autumm 1944.
5. La-5FN of Guards Capt A V Lobanov, 41 Guards fighte3r regiment, 8 Guards fighter division, Poland, summer 1944.
6. La-5FN of Lt R N Beketov, 721 fighter regiment, 286 fighter division, Belarus, summer 1944.
7. La-5FN of Capt A P Trefilov, 523 fighter regiment, 303 fighter division, Belarus, autumm 1944.
8. La-5FN of Guards SrLt I S Kravtsov, 3 Guards fighter regiment of Baltic Fleet Air Force, Leningrad area, summer 1944.
9. La-5FN of Guards Capt A I Mayorov, 2 Guards fighter regiment, 322 fighter division, 1st baltic front, autumm 1943.
10. La-5FN of Capt K S nazimov, 254 fighter regiment, 269 fighter division, Baltic, summer 1944.
11. La-5FN of Guards Capt E M Yaremenko, 5 Guards fighter regiment, 11 Guard fighter division, 3st Ukrainian front, 1944.
12. La-5FN of an unidentified unit.
13. La-5FN of Guards SrLt V I Orekhov, 32 Guards fighter regiment, 3 Guard fighter division, Bryansk front, autumm 1943.
14. La-5FN built for funds collected by the popular of Buryatia.

Package includes:

1 Decal Sheet
Instruction Sheet

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