Revell Enterprise Photoetch Set - 1:600 scale


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  • €30.00 EUR

Upgrade the details for Revell of Germany’s new USS Enterprise starship kit.
This all-new photoetch set features:
  • Pre-Smithsonian-renovation-accurate grillwork for the warp engines and pylons (slightly rescaled, but to the original proportions). Through holes are provided for those builders who want to light the engine grills.
  • Three versions of the impulse engine exhaust (solid, lightable, and “grilled”). The exhausts are proportioned to the filming miniature rather than the Revell kit.
  • Warp engine turbines.
  • Two different versions of the “bussard collector” clamps.
  • Dedication plaques, accurate to the series’ bridge set and sized to fit on the display stand. Names match the three sets of decals included with the kit.
  • Starfleet and Klingon emblems.
  • Even an in-scale bridge! The bridge’s base is designed so that lighting (if included by the builder) shines into the bridge at the locations of the display screens.
FOR KIT: Revell 04880
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