Photo-Etch Pencil Placer 17,7 cm (2 pcs)

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This photo-etch placer is a re-usable wax based positioning stick that will help you to hold and place even the smallest piece of photo-etch or styrene. A real helping hand when dealing with the more fiddly side of modelling.
The tip is not too sticky so it’s easy to release the part when placed in position. Nor does the tip leave any residue on the model part. When the sharpened pencil loses its grip it can be sharpened as per any conventional pencil. The pickup pencil is sharpened in a conventional pencil sharpener. A hobby knife or scalpel can also be used to shape the tip depending on the type of part you want to pick up with it.
Set includes 2 sticks and 1 sharpener.

Length 17,7 cm
Diameter 0,8 cm

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PE Pencil

Very very good and handy!

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