Parafilm "M" Stretchable Masking

Parafilm "M" Stretchable Masking

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Parafilm M Conformable Stretchable Masking Material 5 cm Wide x 300 cm Long Roll.
Parafilm M cuts easily and conforms to complex shapes and fine details. It produces sharp paint separation without bleed-under, peels off easily, won't pull off decals and metallic paints, and doesn't leave an adhesive residue. Ideal for camouflaging aircraft and military models, creating custom car paint schemes and detailing intricate model parts.
Parafilm M is made in the U.S.A. by the Bemis Flexible Packaging Company, based in Neenah, WI.
To use Parafilm M for masking, simply cut out a thin strip and slowly stretch to about four times its original length and let it set for about one minute. This permits it to "stress relax" resulting in the development of a nice "tackiness" to the stretched material. The thin strip is applied to the surface requiring protection and masking. Using normal finger pressure massage it into a good adhesive situation with regard to the substrate surface. After painting, it will come back up with the gentle lift of a toothpick.

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