Numbers for Sukhoi Su-27S, Ukranian Air Forces, Digital camouflage

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High quality decal - 8 Numbers, for Su-27 Ukrainian Air Forces, digital camouflage. Recommended to be use with Foxbot Decal FD48-026 Su-27UB and Masks FM48-003 Digital Su-27S.

Decal variants:

1. Su-27 "Blue 58", Air Show Royal International Air Tatto 2017 (RIAT 2017), Fairfort Air Base, July 2017.
2. Su-27 "Blue 33", Airfield Ozernoye, Zhytomyr Region, January 2015.
3. Su-27 "Blue 45", Zaporozhye, January 2013.
4. Su-27 "Blue 100", Air Show "Aviasvit 2012", Hostomel, September 2012.
5-8. Su-27 "Blue 24", "Blue 37", "Blue 46", "Blue 101".

Package includes:

1 Decal Sheet
Instruction Sheet

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