Mr. Cement S - 40ml

Mr. Cement S - 40ml

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Vendor: Gunze (Mr. Hobby)

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  • €5.00 EUR

Super thin plastic cement with excellent flow properties. Micro brush included in lid. How to use: Brush and cap combined, so easy to use. Quick drying. Pour in the gap.
Safety warnings:
Caution, flammable liquid. Possibility of organic solvent poisoning. Keep away from children. Don't drink or eat by mistake. Have fresh air whilst using and drying. Don't use close to fire. Wash hands with soap if in contact with skin. If in eyes, wash out with water. If feel sick, go into fresh air. If drink and feel ache or strange, go to see doctor immediately. Don't store in direct sunshine. When empty, dispose of carefully.

Mr.Cement S extra thin


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