PZL P.24G 'Greece 1940/1941'

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Plastic model kit of Mirage PZL P.24G (G/F) in Greece.
2004 re-edition with white metal parts and photo-etched.

Wingspan: 22,5 cm
Length: 16 cm 

Kit contains:

  • Grey palstic parts: 68
  • Transparent palstic parts: 2
  • Photo Etched parts: 48
  • White Metal parts: 8
  • DECAL parts: 41
  • Parts on cliche:: 3s


    • PZL P.24G Δ116, Elefsina Airport, Athens, 1937
    • PZL P.24G Δ112, April 1941
    • PZL P.24G Δ102 of 23 Mira Dioxis (Fighter Squadron), Argos Air Base, April 1941
    • PZL P.24G Δ115 of 21 Mira Dioxis (Fighter Squadron), 1940/1941

    PZL P.24F and G in Greece:

    In late 1937 r and early 1938 Greece took delivery of twelve P.24F's armed with two cannons and 24 P.24G's armed with four machine guns. Both variants were powered with Gnôme-Rhône 14N 07 engine rated at 950/970 hp, driving a threeblade propeller. Compared to earlier versions the aircraft featured altered engine cowling and a propeller spinner. The top speed was 430 km/h.
    The aircraft were initially in natural metal finish and wore numbers in the range of D101-D136 on sides of the fuselage. They were used in fighter squadrons (mira) nos. 21, 22, 23. In 1940 all aircraft were re-armed with four machine guns, i. e. converted to P.24G, and finished in multi-tone camouflage. During the war against Italy and Germany, from November 1940 until late April 1941 Greek pilots flying P.24's were credited with 40 enemy aircraft destroyed (36 Italian and 4 German). On 2 November 1940 Lt. Marinos Mitralexis downed an Italian bomber by ramming. This was probably
    the first combat ramming in mid-air during WWII. One of the last P.24's was shot down over Crete. One P.24 captured by the Italians was still in the Italian Air Force inventory in 1943.

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