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Support high precision machining of plastic model Masseuse & triangle seal. By attaching a massive pattern engraved in 1 mm with increments or a triangular pattern, it will be possible to drill and cut accurately.
Though it has decided the position of hole drilling by the eye size so far, by using this sticker, the accuracy increases depending on ideas such as bilateral symmetry and outdistance. Please also find out how to use the original. Since it can be re-peeled, it can be used conveniently by cutting a plurality of plaques by making a template and opening a guide for drilling with the same pattern. Since it comes with 0.5 mm square seal, it is popular also for those who make their own railroad model which I want to cut out precisely.
The mass type is suitable for cutting out at 90 degrees, and the triangle type is suitable for cutting out at 60-120 degrees.

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