Masking Tape 5mm x 20m - Curved Lines

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The Masking Tape No.HC50005 is a 5mm width by 20 m length tape. A PVC uniformly coated with rubber adhesive and 0.12 mm thickness.
This Modelling Tape has ideal physical properties and seamless masking performance characteristics for curved lines when painting:

- Tape will not give adhesive residue and not change color.
- Tape does not break when peeling off, but can be easily cut by modelling knife.
- Tape back side will not repel the paints.
- Tape is designed to give an excellent and sharp paint break line.

Typical Physical Properties:

Adhesive: Rubber
Backing: PVC
Colour: White
Width: 5 mm
Thickness: 0,12 mm
Extensibility (%): more than 200
Tape Length (m): 20
Weight (NET): 12gr (0.42 oz)

Performance Characteristics:

Elongation: more than 200%
Temperature Performance: 150°C max

Product Instructions:

Create curved lines by stretching it - avoid excessiveness.
Don't leave tape for excessive time after painting,
Cut it using sharp tools - Model knife, Shear,
Mask areas where paint is completely cured,
Mask painted or unpainted surfaces.

Storage and Safety Instructions:

Keep and store in clean, dry and well-ventilated area,
Preferably at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C and 50% R.H.
Away from sunlight and keep out of the reach of children.

Hint: you can check our dispenser products to fit this tape securely, easy and practical to use.

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