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MiniWarPaint "Liner" series kolinsky brushes are specially designed for painting miniatures in watercolor techniques. The brushes feature a largeer liner capacity and an unprecedented sharp tip. The main focus of the brushes is the use of the lining technique (drawing long thin lines for contouring and stroking), working in recesses, drawing small details, as well as working with acrylic washes.

The ability of the liner to take up a lot of water, to expel it smoothly and evenly for a long time allows you to work longer, less often turning to the palette. The sharp tip in combination with the medium length of the liner allows you to work out the smallest details with perfect brush control.

Kolinsky MiniWarPaint Brushes : Made In Russia : Product Review



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Customer Reviews

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George Tetsios

Εχω δουλεψει μεχρι σημερα σχεδον ολα τα liner πινελα ολων των γνωστων εταιρειων και για μοντελισμο,αλλα και για ζωγραφικη. Μετα απο ενα χρονο χρησης ειμαι σιγουρος πως τα συγκεκριμενα πινελα ειναι μακραν καλυτερα απο ο,τιδηποτε εχω δοκιμασει. Εχω εντυπωσιαστει απο την ποιοτητα και την αντοχη τους


As a professional miniature painter fromore than 25 years , i always seek for the best of tools and materials. I tried the MINIWARPAINT brushes for the last month painting more than 8 hours a day . I have to admit that the performance is really outstanding . For a really fair price they offer a nice tip and smooth brushstroke. They also clean relatively easy more than other brands brushes. so far despite my brutal and extended use the brushes keep really nice and paint as the first day . will definately get some more of them and keep usinmg them trying to find their limits !!!

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