Guide guide template jig 2 for zigzag (3 pieces)


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Seal type guide template for sticky use for line of zigzag that can be easily constructed.
A seal type guide template convenient for sticky work. Since it uses re-peelable and reasonable thickness PVC sheet, it does not leave adhesive residue on the surface and it can be used as guide for streaky tool. The jig series is useful for inserting zigzag waveform division lines. If you want to put the same line in the left and right parts, you can easily put a regular line in the guide as a guide.
How to use
Paste this template seal on the object you want to put in the line and use it as a guide to trace it with tool. Depending on the tool used, carve the line with the lightest possible force. If the seal adhesion area is narrow, be careful when applying force with the tool, the seal will peel off. Moreover, it can not be used and bonded on rough surfaces.

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