Gloster E28/39 Pioneer (Expert)

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This kit is designed for experienced modellers. It is fully equipped with various accessories that will help you to improve the final result - to create a copy of this aircraft that will repeat the original as much as possible.

There are 2 versions of model assembling:
1) with the opened cowling and engine inside or
2) without the engine, which can be displayed on the special service stand.

Markings are provided for all possible schemes.

Colored and detailed assembly manual will make the assembly process easy and enjoyable. And the box will serve as an excellent organizer which will be handy during assembly process.

Set contains

  • Set of plastic parts to build one kit (91 plastic, 18 resin)
  • Power Jets W.1 engine made of resin parts (manufactured by RESKIT)
  • Resin wheels (manufactured by RESKIT)
  • Fine brass Pitot Tube (1 piece)
  • Three sets of photoetched parts (39 pieces)
  • Masks for painting the flashlight and wheels.

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