Drill Set 0.2mm to 1.5mm (2 pc each)

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Vendor: HOBBY Colours

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Drill Set from 0.3mm to 1.5mm of 2 pieces for each code. These drill bits are thin with have fine finishing allover body surface. Select the desired diameter from the drop-down menu. Suitable for copper, aluminum, wood, plastic, etc. 

Available drills in this listing:

  • 0.2mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.3mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.4mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.5mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.6mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.7mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.8mm (includes 2pc)
  • 0.9mm (includes 2pc)
  • 1.0mm (includes 2pc)
  • 1.1mm (includes 2pc)
  • 1.2mm (includes 2pc)
  • 1.3mm (includes 2pc)
  • 1.4mm (includes 2pc)
  • 1.5mm (includes 2pc)

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