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Set contains 1 sheet with water slide decals. This sheet contains solid black lines, varying in thickness between 0,10mm (0,0039") and 1mm (0,039"). The thickness is listed on the sheet, so it is easy to choose the right thickness for your needs.

There is 37cm (14,57") of line available in each thickness (0,10 - 0,6mm).
There is 24,7cm (9,72") of line available in each thickness (0,7 - 1mm).

Suitable for all scales!

  • water-slide decals with separated film (they come off automatically one-by-one, no need to cut to the edges)
  • semi-matte finish
  • covered by a semi-transparent protective sheet
  • ultra-thin decal will adapt well to any surface
  • Hi-definition printing gives a crisp result, even in the smallest details
  • colors are accurate and colorfast
  • suitable for all scales
How to use:
  • cut a line to the desired length with a sharp knife
  • put in water for about 5 - 10 seconds to loosen the decal from its carrier paper
  • gently slide off the decal into position using tweezers
  • use decal softener (for example Micro Set & Sol) for better adhesion, especially for use on non-flat surfaces
  • use tissue paper and apply some light pressure over the decal, to remove any excess water/decal softener and fix the decal into position
  • airbrush some varnish for protection - (semi-)matte varnish can remove the glare if needed
  • start the usual weathering process to blend into your design

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