Air Coupling Adapter 1/4 (F) to 1/8 (M)

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Enhanced air coupling adapter 1/4 (Female) to 1/8 (Male). Is designed to connect the hose to the airbrush. With this adapter, you can fit IWATA RG-3, W-100 to IWATA scale air hose with 1/8" connector. 

There are hundreds of different types of air fittings but most air tools use one of just a few types of connectors. The main things to consider are the fitting type, thread size and Male/Female type.

Air Coupling Fitting Types:

  • Standard type with threads in both sides, applicable for connectors or adapters.
  • Type 19 or Airflow, thread from one side and direct hose connection from the other.
  • Vertex Quick release, with thread from one side and quick release from the other.
  • Pneumatic, with thread from one side and push-in connection from the other.

    Air Coupling Thread Sizes:
    Threads are generally BSP or British Standard Pipe. What is the difference between BSPT and BSP (or BSPP). The other important thing to know is that airline connector threads are either parallel (P) or taper (T).

    Air Coupling Male/Female Type:
    Often there is a misunderstanding which part of connection is Male (M) and which Female (F). A simple way to avoid confusion is that the part which has outer thread is Male (M) while the part with inner thread is Female (F).

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