KPVT (tankoviy) - Ρωσικό βαρύ πολυβόλο 14,5 mm

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KPVT (tankoviy) - Russian 14,5mm heavy machine gun - version for armoured vehicles (BTR-60PB/70/80, BRDM-2 and other) (1pc). The set includes turned brass parts, drilled round cooling jacket, photoetched part and resin element. In addition to national T-10 tanks, BTR-60, BTR-70, and BTR-80 APCs, and BRDM-2 reconnaissance armoured vehicles the KPVT was mounted on armoured vehicles of other Warsaw Pact member-slates. It is very simple to use in Your models. Insert the metal parts using Cyanoacrylate adhesives. Other versions Russian 14,5mm heavy machine guns You'll find in our sets: GM-35-009 - KPV - Russian 14,5mm heavy machine gun - with elongated cooling holes. GM-35-010 - KPV - Russian 14,5mm heavy machine gun - with round cooling holes

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