RF-4E & F4E - Phantom Under The Skin

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Discover the mighty RF-4E and legacy F-4E Phantom in this new unprecedented “Under The Skin” series book! Volume 2 covers extensively the recce version of the Legend and the non-upgraded F-4E in Hellenic Air Force service but will also become a valuable reference asset for any gun nosed and recce Rhino. 100 pages and hundreds of photographs captured by one of the world’s leading aviation photographers illustrate in extreme detail every corner of the jet. External details, walk-around, cockpits, photo equipment, APQ-99 and APQ-120 radars, engines, access panels and all the weapons, AIM-7E/F, AIM-9P/L, Mk-20, Hobos and much more are thoroughly described down the last detail. Also an exclusive offer to our readers is a free giant poster of 80cm x 40cm with highly detailed profiles o all the paint schemes of the F/RF-4Es in the HAF service.
“Phantom Under The Skin” is the must companion for all modelers and Phantom enthusiasts! Take the challenge to build the ultimate scale Phantom or expand your knowledge around the McDonnel Douglas masterpiece discovering features around the jet that have never before published! Take the challenge to build the ultimate Phantom model or extend your knowledge about the McDonnell Douglas design!

Edition: Eagle Aviation (2016) Soft cover - 108 pages
Bilingual: English – Greek
Dimensions: 24x22.5
Photos: 420 colored

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