Me.209 V4 high-speed experimental prototype

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When Germany first laid down the ill-fated Aircraft Carrier DKM Graf Zeppelin in 1936,
the question of its complement of aircraft was already settled. It would carry a variant
of the Bf.109 as a fighter, and the doughty Ju.87 Stuka as bomber, and as such was engineered with those airframes in mind, averting the need to have folding wings that add weight to an aircraft. The 109 was given the variant T for Träger, which mean Carrier in English. It had extended wings with larger flying surfaces, plus a tail-hook and catapult launch gear for taking off and landing on carriers. The T-1 was the first airframe to be completed, and underwent catapult tests before it was ordered in small numbers. With the cancellation of the carrier, those airframes were apportioned elsewhere, and a T-2 variant was created without the carrier specific components. Some of the T-1s were cross-graded to T-2 standard, which found their way to Norway with 11./JG 11, and when the carrier project was temporarily re-started it was decided that the T was outdated by then, so an alternative was sought. That too was re-assigned in a remarkable chronologically close case of history repeating itself, while the T-2s continued in service in Norway until mid-1944, after which time any remaining airframes
were used as trainers. (Britmodeller source)

The kit:

Scale: 1:48
Parts: 95
Weight: 0.280kg
Gross weight: 0.450kg
Volume: 0.960kg
Material: PS plastic
Minimum age: For modellers 14+
Length,mm: 151
Wingspan,mm: 163
Country of origin: Ukraine
Released: 2020 New tool

Markings: Messerschmitt Me 209 V-4

  • 3R Messerschmitt 14 (Heinrich Beauvals) August 1939 - Tested at Augsburg
  • 3R Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945) Erprobungsstelle Rechlin CE+BW September 1940 - Rechlin


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