Klear Floor Polish 100ml

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Vendor: Johnson & Johnson

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Klear is a water-soluble acrylic floor coating product that was developed by S. C. Johnson. The plastic bottle contains 100ml liquid.
All these year’s even after 2008 when Johnson decided to move under the Pledge marketing umbrella their floor care products the formula remains the same until today. The specific listed product is 2015 formula

Klear can be applied with an airbrush, paintbrush, a cosmetics sponge, a paper towel or a soft rag. Can be thinned with water when is applied with an airbrush. It is also possible to dip items into Future, but dipping does leave drips that must be wiped away.

For the shiniest result, sand and buff before applying multiple coats of Klear, letting the piece dry completely between coats. Two coats are enough for many applications, but no rule exists. Putting coated pieces back into the oven for a few minutes helps set the finish.

It is possible to remove Klear if you change your mind about it. You can try rubbing off the finish after soaking the piece in water. If that doesn't work, diluted ammonia or products containing ammonia (like non-streaking window cleaners) are the next option. Klear can be mixed with acrylic paint, inks, powders and other materials to produce colored glazes. Powders mixed into Klear make paint that works well for crackling techniques. Also many modellers are using Klear as decal setting solution liquid.

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