Greek Air Force Part 2 - The Sea & Desert scheme

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Greek Air Force fighter: Camouflage SEA (Vietnam: A-7H/E, TA-7C/H, F-5A/B, F/RF-4E, F/RF-84F, F/TF-102A, RF-5A, F/TF/RF-104G, T-2C/E, T-33A, C-130B/H, C-47, Do-28D, YS-11A) and Camouflage Desert (Ex-Jordan: F-5A/B).

SEA (Vietnam): The colours 77108, 77109, 77110 and 77111 x 10ml.
Desert (Ex-Jordan): The colours 77106, 77107, 77108 and 77111 x 10ml.

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