Early WW2 German AFV

Early WW2 German AFV


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Advanced colour system for realistic panel lighting technique.
Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):
HTK-A161 – Polizei / SS Grün Base
HTK-A162 – Polizei / SS Grün Shadow
HTK-A163 – Polizei / SS Grün Flash
HTK-A164 – Panzer Dunkelgrau Base
HTK-A165 – Panzer Dunkelgrau Shadow
HTK-A166 – Panzer Dunkelgrau Flash

In order to achieve a realistic panel lighting effect on German Polizei / SS vehicles:

1. Start with airbrushing an overall coat of HTK-A161 Polizei / SS Grün Base.
2. Subsequently apply HTK-A162 Polizei / SS Grün Shadow to less shaded parts of the model
3. Add HTK-A163 Polizei / SS Grün Flash for fading effect.

Similar sequence of HTK-A164 Panzer Dunkelgrau Base, HTK-A165 Panzer Dunkelgrau Shadow and HTK-A166 Panzer Dunkelgrau Flash should be used for painting of early German AFVs in panzer grey finish.

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