Dark Green (FS34079, ANA 631)

Dark Green (FS34079, ANA 631)


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FS34079, used for upper surfaces in USAF SEA camouflage scheme of both TAC and SAC aircraft

FS34079, used in „European” camouflage schemes of USAF F-4s and US ANG (US Air National Guard) A-7Ds

Used for upper surfaces in RAF camouflage schemes throughout the war

FS34079, used for upper surfaces of FAA’s Mirage IIIEAs, overhauled IAI Daggers, C-130s / KC-130s and CH-47C Chinooks

FS34079, „MERDC Forrest Green”, used in Winter, Summer and Tropical Verdant and Snow with Trees MERDC variants

FS34079, used in Norm 83 Luftwaffe (Tornado, F-104G, RF-4E, Alpha Jet, C-160D) and Norm 84 Heeresflieger (UH-1D and CH-53G) schemes

FS34079, the best match for „anti-radiation green paint”, widely used during Colonial War (incl. on Fiat G.91, B-26B, Do-27, Nord Noratlas)

FS34079, used for upper surfaces in camo scheme of Portuguese: Fiat G.91, A-7P, Alpha Jet, SA 330 Puma, Alouette II & III and AW101

FS34079, used for upper surfaces in initial camouflage of USMC AV-8As from start of their service in 1971 till late-1970s

FS34079, overall colour of Belgian AF NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and Agusta A109BA Hirundo

FS34079, widely used for upper surfaces in SEA scheme of HAF aircraft. Also on ex-Jordanian F-5A/Bs (Asia Minor) and ex-Luftwaffe aircraft (Norm 83)

FS34079 (MERDC Forrest Green), overall colour of early M1 Abrams tanks. Used on part of M1 Abrams of USMC during ODS

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