BS Dark Sea Grey (BS381C:638)

BS Dark Sea Grey (BS381C:638)

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BS381C:638, used for lower surfaces of RAF Avro Vulcan B.2s and in upper camo of RAF Harrier GR.3s and Chinook HC.1

BS381C:638, „Mirage Grey”, used for upper surfaces of SAAF Buccaneers. Also in „diamond” pattern of Mirage F1

BS381C:638, used on top surfaces of Tornado GR1/4 (from 1999 till mid-2000s), Jaguar GR1/3 and Harrier fleet (from 1995 till withdrawal)

BS381C:638, used in camouflage scheme of Belgian AF Gloster Meteor F.4/F.8/NF.11, F/RF-84F, Hawker Hunter F.6, CF100 Canuck Mk.5

BS381C:638, standard colour (first on upper surfaces, after 1970s in wraparound scheme) of RAF aircraft from mid-1950s till 1980s

BS381C:638, used in standard camouflage scheme of AAC and Royal Navy AW159 Wildcat (Lynx Wildcat)

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