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Full resin kit in 1/72 scale includes:
166 resin parts
26 clear parts
88 photo-etched parts
Paint masks
BMP-1 is the first soviet serial amphibious-tracked armored fighting vehicle designed to transport personnel to the front edge, increasing its mobility, armament and protection on the battlefield, and joint action with the tanks in the battle.
BMP-1 was developed at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to replace BTP-50P. Fighting machine adopted by the Soviet Army in the Soviet Union in 1966. Produced from 1966 to 1979.
BMP-1 Armament includes 73-mm smooth bore gun 2A28, coaxial 7,62 mm PKT machine gun and anti-tank guided missile system 9M14M "Malyutka", also in the troop compartment is mounted and transported anti-aircraft missile system 9K32 "Strela-2".

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