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Overall colour of IAF Mirage IIIs from their introduction in 1962 to early 1970s, until switch to 1970’s desert colours.
Standard colour of early IAF’s P-51Ds and Mosquito PRs and FBs. Later overall colour of leading fighter interceptors of IAF.
Used for all kinds of metallic interior elements and pieces of crew personal equipment.
Overall colour of early Luftwaffe CL-13 Sabre, F-84 Thunderstreak and F/TF-104G Starfighter (except for lower wing surfaces)
Used to imitate natural metal colour of lower part of rear fuselage and retracting part of variable-sweep wing of Su-22.
Standard colour of US Navy planes from 1919 till late-1940 (first used on fabric elements only, from mid-1930s also on metal parts)
Standard overall colour of FAP’s T-6G/Harvard Mk IV, F-84G Thunderjet, F-86F Sabre and T-33A Shooting Star (initial scheme of the latter two)
Used in 1980s-90s for lower surfaces in the HAF Aegean.

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