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Acrylic Modulator

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The modulator paint from AKAN allows you to change in multiple the properties of water-based paints, to make them any degree of transparency with increasing haze and drying times (10ml)

How does it work?
The bottle with the modulator must be carefully shaken and add to your AKAN paint any quantity. Maybe paint and modulator after will require further thinning, then we recommend adding no more than 30% acrylic thinner. Then apply on the surface of the model in a familiar way - with a brush or airbrush.

What is different from the previously proposed number 74023 and 74024?
The main thing is that the modulator changes the properties of the paint while the previous transparent bases not changing, increasing only the transparency.

What happens when you add a modulator number 74018 into paint AKAN?
Paint series number 7hhhh by adding modulator number 74018 changes its properties. When applied with the modulator on the surface of the model, you can partially or almost completely wash off the paint with water. This can be done by brush, swab, wipe, airbrush, creating a faded effect, temporary blurring of colors rain with the help of water. It is also an opportunity to make the paint as transparent or with a barely noticeable color and tone selected portions of the model. Thus you have a powerful additional resource to simulate different effects on the surface of the model and semi-transparent layers with the possibility of a partial flushing of the applied layer. As more you add modulator number 74018 in the paint, more transparent and opaque the color it becomes and more time for you to create different effects.

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