UK Standard Aircraft Seat Belts - 6 sets

Βασικές ζώνες ασφαλείας αεροσκαφών στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο - 6 σετ

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High Quality detailed Airplane Seat belt Kit. It is very realistic, high quality paper kit. Made of "fiber material" and/or "kraft paper" with great detail for a realistic look and cut by laser for 1/72 scale. This kraft paper is special type and quite different from standard paper. Very strong and very durable paper, for bending can be soaked in water and becomes soft, hard when dry. Can be painted, polished and use putty if necessary.
Belt section made of reinforced kraft paper, metal parts and plugs are made from fiber.
The Kit includes 6 sets for 6 airplanes.

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