Red Wash

Κόκκινο πλύσιμο

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The Detailer is water based, water thinnable, water soluable, and water clean up. It can be used on all types of modeling and crafts. The Detailer can be applied with a brush, foam brush, or air brush. You can also dip parts in it. The Detailer can be thinned with water for airbrush, or to reduce color density. You can mix The Detailer colors together to make other colors. The Detailer can also be sealed with clear lacquer, clear enamel, and clear urethanes. Do not use water base sealers, as The Detailer is water soluable. You can remove unwanted or excess Detailer with a damp cotton swab. Ideal for Stop Lights, Emergency Lights, Emblems, A/N Fittings, 30ml.

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