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The MiniWarPaint "Regular" series kolinsky brushes are specially designed for painting miniatures in watercolor techniques. The brushes have a large capacity liner and an unprecedentedly sharp tip.

The ability of the liner to take up a lot of water, to expel it smoothly and evenly for a long time allows you to work longer, less often turning to the palette. The sharp tip in combination with the medium length of the liner allows you to work out the smallest details with perfect brush control.

Kolinsky MiniWarPaint Brushes : Made In Russia : Product Review



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Customer Reviews

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Antonios Mertyris

The best paint brush ever.....Its very light in hand and the handle its smell wood.Now i tested today and the result its awesome...The colour its not running from the hair and the painting its very good....Its very very useful product and recommended in all scale model friends...Thank you Hobby Colours for the new products

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